Wallpaper crowns, fit for royalty! 

Celebrate the KINGS Coronation with your very own Sanderson Crowns

With the coronation fast approaching, there’s nothing that says royalty quite like this crafty wallpaper crown. It’s super simple to make, only takes a few minutes and the end result, even if we say so ourselves, is pretty impressive!

We’ve used offcuts from Robin’s Wood, Rubus, Woodland Chorus and Truffle which form part of our Arboretum collection. Inspired by England’s ancient woodlands, each design is printed in the UK on FSC certified substrates, from sustainable, traceable sources.



- Some favourite Sanderson wallpaper offcuts, trimmed into squares of about 25cms (normal printer paper works just as well)

- About five minutes for some super simple folding and crown assembly  


Fold your paper directly in half, from top to bottom, crease, then open up again.


Bring the top two corners of the paper horizontal into the centre of your paper and crease.


Fold the bottom edge up so it reaches the centre of the paper and then crease.


One section of the crown is now complete!


Take a new piece of paper and repeat steps 1-3, folding at least four more sections so the crown is big enough to put on an average head. We made five more for a total of six sections.


Lay out each of the above crown section in a line from left to right. Carefully slot each section edge into the next and then fold up the bottom half of each section to connect the crowns together.

Ta dah! You’re coronation ready!

If you'd like to get crafty ahead of the Kings Coronation and have been inspired to create your own Sanderson crown, explore our latest Spring/ Summer collection, Arboretum below and select from a range of our wallpaper prints.

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posted on 26 Apr 2023 in Interiors

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