Snuggle up with Sanderson

As we head into the new year, let’s embrace the seasons and get ready for crisp skies and energising winter walks.

All that’s needed to transport a room from quietly homely to next level cosy are a few choice items.

Rugs, the foundation of any floor. Not just the preserve of tiles or wood, rugs look fantastic on carpet, adding an extra textural dimension and touch of luxury (just don’t tell your slippers).

Cup of tea and cushions at the ready? Sit back and relax. From square to rectangular, velvet to linen, patterned to plain, cushions bring an instant dose of comfort to squishy sofas and armchairs perfect for guests.     

Perfectly painted walls go a long way towards how a room feels and in winter, we love a richly pigmented natural palette. Explore welcoming hues for a cosy feel that works throughout the home.

Whether you’re snuggled up in front of Netflix or keeping your toes toasty in bed, we can’t resist the cocooning powers of a throw. Mix patterns and textures or stick with classic neutrals, either way, we’ve never been more thankful for a throw’s comfortingly soft, blankety warmth.  



posted on 23 Dec 2022 in Interiors

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