Sanderson x Giles Deacon

In a twist of the unexpected, sublimely theatrical, eccentrically refined and classically elegant fabrics and wallcoverings take centre stage in an enduringly beautiful decorating story.


Giles Deacon, the London based couture designer and illustrator, known for deftly mixing fashion, fine art, and theatre, has developed a unique collection of fabrics and wallpapers with Sanderson, incorporating commissioned art works and new iterations of archival jacquards and prints from his own studio and the Sanderson archive.

Sanderson classics sit alongside opulent new designs that harness and elevate the renowned skill of Giles and the Sanderson studio, presenting an exemplary collection of timeless designs.

Dipped in medieval influences, referencing Greek mythology, and always honouring the enduring beauty of Sanderson, this collective of designs draw the eye of the curious and reflects the unexpected in a conversational, explorative manner. This collection delights in nostalgia, whilst layering newness for timeless interiors.

Referencing his own work in couture design, distinctive stripes that speak to Sanderson’s own legacy, industrial influences and that signature calligraphic ‘G’, Giles has taken the everyday to another realm, creating within the space of reality and surrealist dreams, a collection of prints, embroideries, velvets and wallcoverings that seeks to inspire, with an explorative sense of the fantastical, and a thoughtfulness of design and colour palette.

Grandeur exists within the roots of this collection, traced back to the classic manor. There is abundance from every angle, from the craftsmanship to the intricate detailing of Giles’s illustrations. A reflection of the ‘unstately’ home, where time has weathered and decayed its traditional beauty to reveal new beguiling charm. Wilsford is inspired by our archival collection of mid-late nineteenth century trompe l’oeil wallpaper patterns, with its draping, bows, swags and tassels. The illustrious Aperigon stripe runs through this collection, while Cupid’s Beau, takes from the original Etchings & Roses, with a faithful reproduction that layers modernity with classicism.

 “The aim was always to create a new and enduringly beautiful decorating story with Giles’s hand elevating the collection. The importance of handmade, whether in the repainting, hand printing, or the drawn elements, is of the utmost importance. This is how Giles has influenced the collection. His hand, whether his penmanship or his own connection to the unmistakable quality of handmade things, comes through in this collection. It is what elevated him to a British icon, and it is what gives life to these extraordinarily beautiful designs.” - Rebecca Craig, Lead Designer, Sanderson.


posted on 01 Feb 2024 in Interiors

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