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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Timeless Heritage Designs

Based on much-loved heritage designs from our portfolio, Sanderson Indoor/Outdoor presents a beautiful curation of coordinating patterns in a fresh palette, to transform the outdoors come rain or shine. With a curation of iconic prints, Sanderson Indoor/Outdoor takes cherished designs outside. Embracing nature and its incredible biodiversity, our Indoor/Outdoor fabric collection remains true to the very essence of Sanderson.  

Delicate recolouring and sympathetic coordinating of much-loved designs reveal a rejuvenated collection with designs that pay homage to every aspect of outdoor life; from quaint countryside to calming coastal living, Sanderson Indoor/Outdoor echoes our intrinsic need for connection to the natural world. 

Atlantic blues and inky indigos meet punchier hibiscus and botanical green tones, while sandstone and agave ripple through designs with tonal tranquility. Conch pinks, matcha greens and calming shades of quince and sea salt round off the individual colour palettes that flow with one another.  

A harmonious collection that responds to its landscape, Sanderson Indoor/Outdoor amplifies its natural surroundings in rejuvenated palettes drawn from sea and sky.  

The protected marine-rich Monterey Bay, California, is the setting of inspiration for a new design of the same name. Monterey Bay, the design, references a toile archive document that has been reimagined, with lobsters and octopi added in detail, reflecting the abundance of marine life in an extraordinary etched style.  

Sanderson’s belief that design should seamlessly extend from the sanctuary of the home to the outdoors comes to light in this collection of durable outdoor fabrics. These designs provide moments of serenity and peace, enhancing outdoor spaces through a considered responsiveness to the environment.

Technically, this collection performs well under the intensity of sunlight exposure and wet weather. Performance values meet Sanderson's aesthetics for an exquisite, bold, refreshed collection, retaining the heritage elegance for which Sanderson is known. There is beauty to be discovered in pushing the boundaries of heritage design.

posted on 28 Mar 2024 in Interiors

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