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Three collections come together to celebrate Sanderson’s classic, enduring designs, many drawn from its archive to express the beauty of the country in layers of nostalgia.

Country House  

Sanderson’s Country House celebrates our beloved archival fabric designs and iconic prints, embodying the enduring charm and captivating beauty of classic decorating.

For this collection, we hand-picked designs from our illustrious Sanderson archive, pairing iconic florals with plaids. Many of the prints that form the Country House collection were originally block printed, adding to the authentic look and the layers of legacy that can be built into design schemes.    

From decorative embroideries and archival prints, including Jacobean and block-printed chinoiseries, to taking inspiration from 19th Century block printed documents from our archive, Country House takes historic designs to a modern elegance. Baroque trellises juxtapose recognisable florals. Josette and Aesop’s Fables delight as pastoral toiles on linen, soft, relaxed and comforting design.

These 24 timeless designs are weaved together in a rich colour palette, blended with neutral tones into wools, linens, and cotton. Which can be expertly layered together for the ultimate country house feel.

Lymington Damasks & Stripes

A symphony of damasks and florals pervade Sanderson's Country House collection.

 Reassuringly enduring, the Lymington Damasks & Stripes collection is for the relaxed country home, whether grand and opulent or quaint and sanctuary-like.  With its fusion of the regal damask and the delicate florals, Lymington is a beloved design that has been in Sanderson’s portfolio for over 30 years. A true testament to the enduring appeal of a classic trellis; it’s a design that feels universal in its application, hence why it’s become so adored by our studio and designers. 

The damask is a much-adored classical design aesthetic, and as Sanderson embraces the design once more, opulent shades and tones take on new meaning in a timeless story of colour. Mid-Blue and Pale Linen sit alongside Raspberry, Claret, and Indigo, highlighting the details of the fabric. Contrasting with the boldness of the Lymington designs, the Sorilla designs offer a softer, more muted aesthetic. The natural, lightweight quality of the Sorilla Damask and Sorilla Stripe infuse a sense of tranquillity into any space. Whether in a country cottage or a contemporary setting, the Sorilla designs reflect Sanderson's love of classicism in Eggshell, Silver, and Delft shades.

This collection is a versatile ensemble where richly coloured damasks, floral interpretations, and signature stripes harmoniously coexist.

Icaria & Boho Velvets

In a story of enduring design, classic jewel colours come together in new, temptingly soft shades in our Icaria & Boho velvets.

Sanderson is delving into the velvet archives, bringing the much-loved textures of Icaria and Boho velvets to the fore in delightful new colourways. Think of our rich tones with softer, calmer hues for interior schemes that range from quietly classic to contemporary luxury.

For this collection, our inspiration stays with velvet’s tactility, but adding a palette that instinctively feel right for contemporary interiors. Porcelain Blue, Seafoam and Coral for example, suit the soft tactility of one velvet, while the deepest Marine and indulgent Chocolate enhance the textural beauty of the other. This range of colourways means that it can fit a multitude of interior design projects, not just the country house. 

The colourways may have a tint of the contemporary, but Icaria's plush cloth is crafted is a legacy weave, made from two fibres in a cut pile effect, which causes irregularity on the surface pile to enhance the textural effect. This irregular strié plays with light and shade, like a subtle light show that catches the eye, akin to a tumbling cloth in a Dutch pronkstileven oil painting. Notice also how the fabric dye reacts differently on each fibre, further accentuating the velvet’s tactility with a wonderful drape.  

Icaria & Boho Velvets embrace the spectrum of colour, from earthy and tonal to rich and intense, layered into schemes for timeless interiors that portray beautiful, elevated decorating stories. It’s a story of a tactile comfort, and calming design.

posted on 04 Jul 2024 in Interiors

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