A Time for Trimmings

For our trimmings collection with Salvesen Graham, inspiration runs from the Yorkshire vales to the steeped history of trimmings as an art form.

As part of the collaboration; Mary Graham (one half of Salvesen Graham) took inspiration for this collection from the countryside around her own North Yorkshire home in England, naming each of the trimmings after the nearby villages and towns (see a Melmerby fan braid, or a Thornborough bobble braid, for example). The Norton trim, a wool cut rouche, made from 100% wool, feels especially apt, since this Yorkshire town has been crafting wool since the Medieval age where sheep rearing abounded.

The palette takes much inspiration from the region’s bucolic landscape. The Blue Clay colourway evokes the blue-grey clays found beneath ground like at the Vale of York. Thyme is after the wild thyme growing in the region’s distinctively rich herbaceous landscape, and Rowanberry, that evocative orange berry that grows on the rowan tree, grows lusciously in the autumn here.

Our trimmings collection also takes its cue from its storied heritage. Recognised as the art of passementerie (literally: ‘turning by the hand’) since 16th-century France, tassels and tie backs were a statement piece at the petits appartements in the Palace of Versailles. Then, some silver and silk threads were whimsically knotted, threaded, and looped together to fringe the valences of Queen Catherine of Braganza’s yellow damask bed at Windsor Castle. A feverish pursuit for the fringe came also 100 years later, when William Cavendish spent a tenth of his total furnishing budget on the trimmings for his private reception rooms at Chatsworth in Derbyshire.

Bringing these threads of influence together, Sanderson Trimmings x Salvesen Graham collection is the perfect way to festoon an interior with heritage and history.


posted on 25 Jun 2024 in Interiors

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