A fringed highland fling for Sanderson

At Boath House, fabrics from the Sanderson x Giles Deacon collaboration reside, a sublime resident in the most stylish chamber, where the delicate balance of decadence and serenity hangs resplendently.


Boath House, the Georgian Mansion in Nairn, is much more than a hotel. It is a retreat from the rush of life, suspended in time in its Grade A-listed bones while delicately restored to offer guests an invigorating experience. The highlands of Scotland provide a serene escape and peaked perimeter to which people can liberate themselves from city life.

Inside Boath House, Sanderson appears draped and decadent yet without drama. Selected by owner Jonny Gent, an artist whose portfolio includes launching Sessions Arts Club, Boath House is a hotel that, according to Gent, was never intended to be a hotel in the traditional sense. Perfect for this collection, which crosses from “subtle to boldly sublime and back again”, according to Giles Deacon.

Period details, artwork and an ease of highland living pervade the spaces, washed in muted tones, the perfect canvas for introducing designs from our Sanderson x Giles Deacon collection.  

These fabrics present a transportable, textural exploration of designs, always honouring Sanderson's enduring beauty while seamlessly blending Giles’s distinctive style. The result is a collection that draws the eye of the curious and reflects the unexpected in interiors.

In a chamber at Boath House, Fringed Tulip Toile fabric hangs in grand suspense, cloaking a four-poster bed in double-sided regality, the folds parting only slightly to reveal glimpses of the crisp white linen that wraps the bed. Shades of Woad and Jute live in positive reinforcement of one another, the drapes offering a reflection of the light of day (in Jute) and the moonlight quality of night (in Woad).

Fringed Tulip Toile, as a design, references an archive document, reimagined as a distressed batik-style print. Double-headed parrot tulips and roses appear in weathered form, aged yet still beautiful, antiqued yet grandiose. This textured, stripped-back design mimics the technique of extract printing, a special block printing process that removes colour during the process to create a lightened effect, almost bleached to reveal the design in a new light. The linen feel and look of Fringed Tulip Toile adds to the decayed decadence of the fabric and, indeed, the entire room, which feels like a hazy, early morning memory of bygone days.

In a perfect juxtaposition of this aged linen is Bantam Net, an exploration of utilitarian objects that Giles is famed for. So named after its wiry inspiration, Bantam Net is inspired by the simple diamond pattern of chicken wire. The colour in the ‘wire twists’ is created on the weft of the fabric creating a cloth with a soft sheen and a jacquard quality.

Taken from a 2004 collection in Giles's couture archives, this chicken wire design is unexpected, making the repetitive pattern deeply luxurious and original. It is non-conforming and yet somehow perfectly at home in this bedroom in the shade of Antonius.

Boath House, its quiet solitude a pull for those who seek simplicity, beauty and imperfect perfection finds a similarly nostalgic bedfellow in Sanderson through the sublime Sanderson x Giles Deacon collection.


posted on 10 May 2024 in Interiors

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